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music production | composition | songwriting

videography | photography

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mb3 offers premium music production, composition, songwriting, recording, mixing and mastering services.  


We also offer artist photography, artist portfolio creation, EPK development, music videos and social media digital marketing campaigns.

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Our business relies on three core values which drive our relationship with our valued clients - professionalism, integrity and dedication.
We pride ourselves in being able to accommodate all project budgets without compromising on quality.
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You are welcome to visit us for a free consultation, where we will be happy to discuss your project over a cup of coffee. You can contact us via email or via telephone + 44 (0) 73 9270 7063 and speak to a member of our friendly team.


We have a state-of-the-art modern studio based in Surrey, United Kingdom. We cater to all sorts of audio and video requirements including recording, mixing, mastering, filming, lighting, video editing and professional colour grading. We specialise in song production from start to finish. We can develop artist demo reels as well as radio ready commercial broadcast quality songs and instrumentals. We have a range of best-in-class studio microphones suited for vocal recording as well as instruments. We offer sound design for film, television and advertising.
Our film crew and video editing/color grading staff have extensive knowledge and experience of working on projects ranging from budget music videos and documentaries to large scale film productions and television commercials.


mb3 Productions services have been setup with a passion for the music and entertainment industry, to help our customers maximise their potential within the creative arts without being held back due to physical, social or economic constraints. We strongly believe in
equal opportunity and diversity. We strive for  the best to consistently create value for our clients.  
mb3 studio has the finest and state-of-the-art modern equipment.  Apple Mac Pro with retina 5K 27 inches display running Logic Pro X forms the backbone of all our music production projects.  We employ Apogee Ensemble pristine AD/DA converters during the recording and mixing  process, which allows us to run sessions at 64 bit 192 kHz. Our main recording and mixing room is acoustically treated to offer a transparent monitoring environment, supported by industry standard JBL active near field monitors and sub woofer combi. We employ a host of third party plugins as well as outboard gear to achieve the best of analogue and digital recording and audio production.  We can deliver final master recordings in standard CD format suitable for digital distribution, as well as according to Apple iTunes MFiT specifications meeting  "Apple Digital Masters" and "Mastered for Apple iTunes"  requirements. We use Sony 4K camera rig and a range of Carl Zeiss lenses, which can accommodate all project budgets - big or small for photography and videography. Our collection of both vintage and modern studio microphones rivals some of the world's largest and well-known recording studios.
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