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We specialise in transforming a lyrical idea or a top line melody into a radio ready commercial production.

We can also create custom backing tracks, remixes, publisher demos and acoustic versions.


From recording vocals to drums to keyboards to guitars to the most exotic ethnic percussion sounds....we can do it all. 

With our vast collection of top of the line microphones and in-house session musicians as well as midi programmers we can record and recreate any sound suited to fit your musical ideas.


Whether you are looking for a basic level mix or a pre-master professional mix, we have the tools, experience and the ears to do it.

We offer stem mixing as well as track mixing suited to all levels of budgets. As a more affordable option, we also offer online mixing.


We offer professional mastering services for that added punch, clarity and commercial loudness using time and phase alignment techniques. We employ industry standard Steinberg WaveLab 9.5 for metadata embedding in broadcast wav files, which will ensure correct royalty tracking by PROs.

Our mastering platform is setup to achieve loudness compliance for various broadcast and online streaming platforms including Spotify, iTunes, Youtube, Soundcloud and Amazon as well as television loudness standards across EU and the USA. 


We have several years of experience programming synthesisers,  recording sounds from nature and manipulating sounds to create interesting sonic palettes.

We have provided SFX and foley for television, theatre and film industry.


Our industry standard best- in-class microphones and an acoustically well treated vocal recording environment ensures that we get professional sounding clean raw audio files in multiple formats for each voice-over and dubbing project. 

EVENT SOUND management

We offer live sound management and recording using our 32 channel Yamaha 01V96VCM digital mixing console which interfaces with Logic MainStage and Logic Pro X. 

We can also cater to live mixing and full PA setup (with mics) for bands as well as solo artists.

We can provide in-ear as well as onstage monitoring systems. Our PA systems include both stereo as well as LCR speaker systems to provide a more enjoyable listening experience for the audience.


We help independent artists and indie labels create inspiring music videos for promotion, branding and marketing. 

We can work across all levels of budgets to cater to our client's specific requirements. We can do onsite as well as off-site shooting. 

For a more affordable option, we provide non-linear and linear editing of footage that may have been shot by the artists themselves.

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