FOLEY and sound design

We offer a one stop shop for all sound design needs for cinema, television drama, documentaries and advertisements / commercials. We create bespoke special effects to match every scene - be it a crowd cheering in a football stadium, a dramatic war scene with thumping drums, creepy horror music, footsteps on stairs or drones flying over rocky mountains.




We have a selection of high end microphones which will suit any voice. Our ADR suite can accommodate a single voice-over artist to a group of up to 4 persons. With special equipment which allows syncing video to audio using SMPTE standards, we can accommodate any project from mainstream major commercial cinema to low budget documentaries and home made video blogs. 


With our extensive links and contacts with professional sound libraries, we can help you source the right kind of music suited for the mood and tempo of your programme content. In addition, our in-house composition team can create bespoke music to bring a scene to life. We specialise in writing tailored music scores according to the brief provided to us.


Aimed at the cinema and theatre market, we have 5.1. surround mixing and monitoring capabilities based on JBL set-up. Our main control room is acoustically treated and calibrated specifically for dub mixing. We can deliver great results when it comes to 5.1 surround mixing that will translate to any medium

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Surrey, United Kingdom
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The information presented throughout this website is only for information purposes. It is neither contractually binding nor does it constitute or should be construed as an offer of our services and products. Any project we may decide to undertake is entirely at our sole discretion and we reserve the right to either decline our services or retain full rights including publishing and licensing rights for any products which we create on behalf of our clients which are not done as a "work-for-hire" production. While we will endeavour to meet widely accepted quality standards for similar products and services, we do not warrant against any errors, omissions, mistakes in the final production.
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