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Studio Hire Terms and Conditions


mb3 does not grant you the right to use the brand name, logo, slogan or any other identifiable aspect of "mb3 Productions" or "mb3" brand without prior written consent. This includes but not limited to works undertaken by mb3 and staff members .


All clients agree to pay for the full duration of a booking regardless of the time of arrival, or amount of work they managed to complete within their booked session slot.


All clients agree that sessions cancelled less than 48 hours will be subject to a 25% cancelation fee against the full amount of the session.


mb3 will carry out works to specification on behalf of individuals or companies in accordance with our own terms and conditions.


All works will remain property of mb3, until we are in full receipt of any fees and fully signed off with approval.


mb3 retains the right to use works or part of any works it has undertaken for promotional use, including but not limited to names, trademarks logos and audio/ visual.


You accept that although our servers are secure upon sending us music or files of sensitive nature we cannot be held liable for any unauthorised access to mentioned files.


mb3 will assume absolutely no responsibility regarding copyright infringement or ownership for commissioned works & recordings proposed by individuals or companies alike outside of our organisation.


mb3 retains the legal right to turn away any individual or company deemed to be offensive or dangerous in relation to our policy.


All clients are held fully responsible for their travelling party/entourage on studio premises and also in relation to any works being completed.

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